Orlistat(Xenical) is the medication, produced in mass under the brand name called Xenical [1]. People can easily buy Xenical diet pills with many discounts from various online pharmacies, which sell authentic pills to shed their weight. Orlistat inhibits some of the amounts of fat present in the foods from getting absorbed in the body [2]. This diet pill works better when used with a proper low-calorie diet. Xenical drug is considered to be dangerous if it is not consumed correctly. During pregnancy, the intake of this drug is not recommended and anyone with gallbladder problems should not consume it [3]. Orlistat drug should not be prescribed to anyone below 18. It also prevents the person from gaining the lost weight even after the treatment ends. Of the many side effects, in women, Xenical weight loss medicine causes irregular periods or menstruation [4] due to the non-absorption of the necessary fats by the body. Read on to see how Xenical medication affects the menstrual cycle.

What are the effects of Xenical pills on the menstrual cycle?

xenical affect menstrual cycle The physiology of women is different from men. In the case of dieting or weight loss treatment, the loss of certain levels of fat can cause irregular periods. Menstruation can even stop when the consumption of diet pills like Orlistat is followed by excessive exercise and a low-calorie diet resulting in the loss of adequate fat. Sometimes women get phobic of gaining weight and cannot perceive the accurate time for stopping the dietary medicine. When your body fat gets very low then the estrogen hormone level decreases and ovulation stops, thus resulting in the stoppage of period blood or irregular menstrual cycle. This mental condition in women is called hypothalamic amenorrhea [5] and it puts them at the risk of degenerative diseases like osteoporosis.

Doctors may prescribe Xenical to the women who suffer from acute obesity that is a condition when the body mass index is greater than 28 kg per square meter. This dietary pill reduces the body’s capacity of absorbing fat and the excess fat is rejected out of the body with stool. It enhances the activity of the enzymes present in the gut which prevents the fat from getting digested. This causes a number of side effects on a woman’s health. The most dangerous health complication is the risk of attaining osteoporosis [6]. According to studies, one-third of the total women show symptoms of the irregular menstrual cycle while on Xenical dosage [7].

How Should I take a Xenical pill then during menstruation?

Doctors generally do not prescribe this medication to women due to the adverse effects that it produces on their health. Other than irregular menstrual periods it causes oil spots at the anal fissure, bowel disorders, teeth problems, stomach upset, and many more [8]. But if the doctor has prescribed the medicine then it should be taken as prescribed by the doctor. Generally, Xenical pill is consumed three times a day before or within 1 hour of each meal. But it is a dangerous medication for women as it can cause problems like anorexia and osteoporosis so it is recommended for ladies to not consume it without proper medical guidance when they have their periods.

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