information on various weight loss drugsWeight loss drugs have been all the rage in the recent times because it achieves fast and noticeable weight loss. With all the supreme benefits weight loss pills provide, it is still suitable for only a segment of the populace and hence doctor’s recommendation is imperative prior to choosing a weight loss pill. The following information serves as a helpful guide where we list various weight loss pills that predominantly showed better results in facilitating rapid weight loss. While some of these drugs are prescription weight loss drugs some are over the counter weight loss pills.

Types of weight-loss drugs

There are basically three types of weight-loss drugs that are manufactured to target one of the below conditions

  1. Decrease the hunger levels – Appetite suppressants [1]
  2. Minimize the absorption of fat into the body
  3. Enhance the fat-burning quality of the body making it burn more calories.

Phentermine (Adipex)

phenterminePhentermine (Adipex) weight loss pill is actually an appetite suppressant that is the go-to option for most medicos. Having a similar mechanism of action as amphetamine, Adipex works by tricking the brain into thinking the body is full following which the brain sends a signal indicating a fuller stomach. Hence one can feel satiated with only less amount of food so this way phentermine reduces the calorie intake.[2]

However, reducing the calorie intake is only one part of the weight loss equation. Another parameter is regular exercising. Hence if the consumption of this pill is accompanied by regular exercises then the weight loss can be more rapid and significant changes can be seen in very less time [3]. In addition, people will buy Phentermine medication and this helps them to stick to their diet plan by minimizing the intensity of craving.


meridiaMeridia is used to treat obesity in individuals who are at high risk of related health issues like heart disease, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes [4]. Meridia is the generic formulation of Sibutramine and is known under other brand names based on the country the drug is available. The drug is highly potent and works by suppressing the appetite. The obesity treatment that includes healthy eating, regular exercise, and also the Meridia drug course would help tremendously in bringing down the excess weight [5]. As an appetite suppressant, Meridia helps overweight individuals by preventing binge eating and excessive eating habits. In order to take the medication safely, it is best to consult with the healthcare provider who would first assess your overall health condition and then prescribe the weight loss drug in the right dosage. Buy Meridia from any authorized store online and take this pill exactly as recommended and you would surely experience the weight loss results that you expect.


BelviqThis is another appetite suppressant prescription pill that is used to treat obesity. Belviq is specifically employed in treating obesity resulting from hypertension, diabetes or any heart-related diseases. However, it does not treat the medical condition; it only treats the weight gain triggered due to these conditions. This pill contains a chemical called lorcaserin that affects the brain chemicals to reduce the appetite of the person thereby limiting the amount of food. As is the case with phentermine, Belviq also works very well when it is consumed together with incorporating an exercise regimen into the daily routine. Using appetite suppressants like phentermine and Belviq for too long may not be so effective because the body will get used to the pill and the appetite suppressant quality of these pills go away. In such instances, discontinue the usage of the pill for a short while and resume it after few weeks. However, this should be done after consulting a physician.


xenicalXenical is a weight-loss drug that employs a component called orlistat that acts as a block to reduce food absorption in the body [6]. As a result, the body absorbs only limited calories at any given time. People will buy Xenical at low prices for two primary purposes. Some people used it to aid in their weight loss while others use it to avoid regaining the weight that is already lost. This medicine gives the most beneficial effect when it is used along with reduced consumption of food.


ContraveThis pill is a combination of two chemicals namely bupropion and naltrexone one of which is an anti-depressant that also has an appetite suppressant quality. Although one of the functions of this pill is to manage weight in obese people it also has other secondary uses such as blocking the effect of alcohol and other narcotics. Although this medicine can be used for people afflicted with weight gain due to underlying health conditions, it will not treat those conditions but only reduce the over-weight condition occurring as a result.[7]

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