Strength training for women is a course of exercises that are designed to work your muscles against external forces that in turn helps to tone them. Women who perform strength training exercises [1] just a few times a week experience great results in overall good health, balance, bone health, blood circulation, and the release of energy. There is the misconception that strength training is not meant for women as it can bulk up the body. This is however untrue as the exercises help in toning muscles and raising endurance, and not in increasing the size of the body [2]. A woman, for healthy fitness, can perform everyday activities with ease when doing regular toning exercises.

Importance Of Fitness For Women

Guide To Strength Training Women, in general, tend to get caught up with daily chores and work that they neglect their physical health. For women, the absence of a regular exercise plan means increased health risks such as weak bones, heart-related ailments, obesity, hormone imbalance, emotional instability, low energy levels, and breathing troubles [3]. Following a fitness plan will improve health, boost energy levels, strengthen the body, improve your mood, and help you maintain the desired body weight [4]. Combine your workout with a healthy diet and you will significantly cut down the risk of developing health disorders.

Choosing A Workout Routine

Finding a routine that works for you and sticking to it [5] will weed out potential health risks that accompany the lack of physical training. Making exercise a habit makes it easier to follow the plan and prevent going off the track. Give strength training the focus and continuity that it requires. Set yourself small goals that are easy to achieve. Find a trainer who can plan a routine that suits your body type and which areas you need to work up. Training right, with appropriate stretching exercises pre and post-workout, will prevent injury. If you start training right, the rest of the going becomes easier. Strength training is cost-effective and can be done in the comfort of your home. If you haven’t started strength training, then now is the right time for so to get in shape faster and feel productive every day.

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