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Phentermine Tablets vs Phentermine Capsules

So your question is which form of Phentermine is best for you, Tablet or Capsule. Genuinely the advice would be to consult your doctors to choose any form of this medication. In order to Buy Real Phentermine Tablets or Capsules, you have to be well informed about both types.

Phentermine is manufactured by a wide range of pharmaceutical companies yet it comes in varied sizes and shapes, including both tablets and capsules [1]. You might be admiring what the variation is among the tablets and capsules and which Phentermine is good to treat weight loss problems, so here we have listed why drug companies have manufactured these two forms and the pros and cons of each medicine when it becomes to your Phentermine prescription. All those information describe in a detailed manner so it is highly useful for you to know about these medicinal forms.

Phentermine Tablets

The well-known Phentermine form is the white tablet with blue speckles [2]. Some manufacturing companies made plain white tablets since this one is also available in the market. All those tablets can be seen in this place. The most popular Phentermine medicine brand is Adipex and it comes in white tablet form with blue speckles. This brand medicine was manufactured by Actavis Pharmaceuticals and this manufacturing design was copied by Qualitest Pharmaceuticals to maximize their potential of selling. Most of an individual wrongly rely on that the blue speckles are the active substance of Phentermine pill.

Tablets required to be manufactured according to the needed release duration, which can be neither extended-release [3], quick, or delayed in order to be effective for their intended utilization. Phentermine is needed to be discharged throughout the day to produce effectiveness hence the manufacturers made the Phentermine tablets with the right extended-release dissolution control. This is carried out by the addition of inactive substances in the tablet-like coating and it helps the body to absorb the active Phentermine ingredient. Although, there is one disadvantage of tablets is that they cannot dissolve completely into the body. It implies that there is a chance for Phentermine tablets not to enter your bloodstream.

Tablets are quite cheaper to designed hence patients would find their prescription to be filled at a cheaper cost. Tablets can be ragged for splitting and it is an added benefit for patients to take Phentermine medication easily. Suppose if you find that your dose is too powerful and that the adverse reactions are hard to manage, since your physician is in mediation, splitting your dose by dividing your tablet in half can be a better solution [4]. Few physicians might advise the patients to start taking half a pill and later on move to the whole tablet. There is an option of taking a tablet half in a morning before breakfast and another half in the afternoon before meals since it is specifically beneficial for an individual those who experience energy drop after lunch because it is an important daytime for them to eat more fatty foods and sweets for their cravings.

Another downside of Phentermine tablet is that it can access only in the higher dosage of 37.5mg [5] hence if your physician thinks that a lower dosage is more appropriate for your health condition, then you will be prescribed capsules because it is available in the dosage form of 15mg, 30mg, and 37.5mg. There might be no other disadvantages rather than those have mentioned above.

Phentermine Capsules

A wide range of different colors comes in the Phentermine capsules and it includes the most prescribed Phentermine brand Adipex-P, which is an FDA-approved Phentermine [6]. Generic Phentermine can be attainable in various dosages and it does have topiramate combination Qsymia. Adipex-P capsules are available in the dosage of 37.5mg whereas generic Phentermine capsules can able to get at 30mg and 15mg [7]. Four varied doses are available in Qysmia and they are range from 92 milligrams of topiramate, 23milligram of topiramate to 15milligram of Phentermine, and 37.5milligram of Phentermine.[8]

One of the primary benefits of capsules is that they have a high absorption rate compared to the tablet while it starts to dissolve rapidly in the stomach and there is no possibility that any of the ingredients decline to be consumed by the body. The ingredients in the capsules suddenly enter the bloodstream after administration of it hence the form of Phentermine in the capsule consists of slow-release substances and makes sure that the effectiveness would stay throughout the day.

Another advantage of a capsule is that they provide an instant increase of energy [9] including the effects of the extended-release. Patients who have taken this medicine have reported that they have sustained their energy for a long duration throughout the day. And also the unique ingredients and mixtures are more beneficial with capsules hence Qysmia is made in the form of a capsule. Qysmia provides appetite suppression for a prolonged period and effects of increasing the energy level by mixing topiramate with a lower dosage of Phentermine which would find it difficult for tablets to produce this effect.

One of the disadvantages of a capsule is that the manufacturers spend more amount on producing this medicine hence the cost of the Phentermine capsule prescription medicine is quite expensive for patients to purchase. However, the capsules cannot be broken into halves like tablets [10] since they are available with varied doses of Phentermine. And also there is more possibility for your physician to recommend the right dosage than a maximum dose of 37.5mg hence there is no chance for patients to split their prescribed dose.

Capsules are often easier for patients to swallow rather than a tablet because they are coated. Even though if you find it hard to swallow the capsule, then you can take out the ingredients from the capsule and mix it with a soluble substance, and taken it through your mouth yet it is not advisable to do it like this. Usually, the capsules are particularly manufactured to administer whole, along with the situation which consists of time-release mechanization in the coating.

By administering just inner ingredients, the Phentermine would cause less effectiveness to your appetite suppression or the medicine could be discharged into your bloodstream too rapidly which prompt severe side effects [11]. It is necessary to get a consultation from a doctor in case if you feel difficult to swallow the medicine and thereafter he/she might prescribe you to take Suprenza, a Phentermine brand that can dissolve immediately on the tongue.

Your doctor decide which Phentermine would be appropriate for your health condition. Before taking a tablet or capsule, it is advisable you consult your healthcare professional because they only know about the properties of medicine and decide which one will be a better choice for you. The primary benefit of tablets is that the patients can procure at a cheaper price and can split into two halves. Although capsules are available in a wide range of varied dosages and it is completely absorbed by the body.

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