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Phentermine Dosage Guide

Even though Phentermine 37.5 mg is well-known and most popular medication across the world, there are numerous dosages available to choose when it comes to being recommended Phentermine. If you are wondering why your physician has recommended you a particular dosage or you are confused to buy the best Phentermine dosage for your health condition, then we have the solution for your queries.

Choices of Phentermine Dosage

Duromine is an international Phentermine brand which is available in higher doses. The Phentermine dosage is available in two forms in the states of America and they are 15mg and 37.5mg. The milligram or mg amount implies that quantity of Phentermine HCL (Phentermine hydrochloride) in each tablet or capsule. The active ingredient of Phentermine and it’s brand Adipex is Phentermine HCL. Apart from these active substances, there are some other ingredients has been added to the tablets or capsules but they are inactive filler agents which are not considered to the Phentermine dosage.

A wide range of pharmaceutical companies made generic Phentermine and trade under the name of Phentermine as against to brand names and it comes in three dosage forms, such as 15mg, 30mg, and 37.5mg. Phentermine capsules are attainable in doses of 15mg, 30mg, and 37.5mg whereas Phentermine tablets are available only in a higher dose of 37.5mg. Yet few physicians prescribed a higher dosage of 37.5mg tablet and advised the patients to split in half and to be used as of two dosages during the day or half a pill once in a day. While splitting the 37.5mg tablet, you will be taken an 18.75mg dose.

Adipex is one of the most well-known Phentermine brands and it comes in two forms such as tablet and capsule yet it is attainable in the maximum dose of 37.5mg. By contrast with other Phentermine brands, Lonamin is available in two doses of 15mg and 30mg in capsule form. Phentermine can be accessed in the form of an orally disintegrating tablet(ODT) and it is sold in Supernza brand name. It is highly beneficial for peoples those who are not able to swallow regular tablets or capsules, known as dysphagia. Available dosages of Supernza are 15mg and 30mg which is similar to the low Phentermine dose of 12mg and 24mg due to the method of action since both tablet ingredients begin to discharge in the body immediately.

What decides your Phentermine Dosage?

If your healthcare professional decides that weight loss aid Phentermine is perfect for you, then he/she will then decide your dose depends on the weight amount you have to reduce, your lifestyle, age, gender and whether you have undergone any surgery or any other previous medical conditions, along with other factors too.

Most of the healthcare professionals will recommend the lower dosage of weight loss medicine required to achieve the desired effectiveness. In few scenarios patients taking a higher dosage of 37.5 mg for the treatment of weight loss This is because of two reasons. Firstly, Phentermine tablets are most commonly prescribed medication rather than capsules and secondly, the brand Adipex is most popular among the peoples and it is available in the maximum dose of 37.5mg.

Usually, Phentermine weight loss medication is recommended to utilize for the short-term duration and it is typically recommended for 12 weeks in order to reduce the weight. Both doctors and patient find out the best weight loss result of taking the highest dosage of medication during a short time period of being prescribed. Suppose if you are prescribed to a maximum dosage of 37.5mg and you are new to the Phentermine, then you need not be scared to use it as this one is quite common among numerous peoples.

Few physicians recommending Phentermine tablets and might suggest you start Phentermine prescription medication by taking half a tablet, equal to 18.75mg for few days of a week. This enables your body to get the effectiveness of appetite suppression and gained more energy gradually after taking it. Some side effects might experience during the treatment with weight loss medication. Those adverse reactions are dry mouth and insomnia. These two symptoms are much less serious than if you were using 37.5mg dosage. Rather, your health care adviser might tell you to cut off the dose and administer 18.75mg before the first meal of the day and again before midday food to increase the effectiveness throughout the day, which is specifically beneficial for you while you experience hunger coming after in a day.

In case if your physician prescribes Phentermine capsule medicine form, then they will have more options while it comes to determining which dose of more appropriate for your health condition. Phentermine drug users can begin to take capsules on either 15mg, 30mg and 37.5mg or there is a choice to administer 15mg dose capsules once in a day, or break your dose into two halves and utilized one before breakfast while another one to be used before lunch. You are likely to be prescribed with the lower dosage of 15mg while physicians thought that you might reactive to the Phentermine effectiveness or if you have already experienced responsiveness to the medicines.

In addition, the doctor would consider your other health conditions and medications before prescribing a lower dose. The possibility of drug interaction can avoid by taking a lower dosage. If your doctor prescribes you to start with 15mg Phentermine dosage then later they will advise you to take 30mg after a certain duration of time and recommend you to administer 15mg capsule in the morning before breakfast and another 15mg dose capsule in the afternoon before lunch. In case if a 15mg dose is enough for you to achieve the desired impacts then it will not be needed to increase the pill dosage.

Does a maximum Phentermine dosage imply Rapid Weight Reduction?

Most of the peoples think that a maximum Phentermine dosage will assist them to achieve weight loss goal faster but it is not easy as that. Higher concentration of Phentermine hydrochloride has been present in higher dosages. The way of processing the medication in each individual bodies are different hence it is not sure that a higher dosage provides effectiveness to everyone. The side effects and desired impacts of a higher dosage can be too powerful for numerous people.

By doing a comparison, whereas a lower dosage of Phentermine influence to provide patients lesser side effects, they might not provide patients the desired impacts of appetite suppression but they have given additional energy at sufficient level to change their lifestyle and enable them to achieve weight loss. Patients can attain weight loss quickly and experience fewer side effects when they have been recommended to use the right Phentermine dose. You can able to manage your appetite and increase your energy and ambition and does not experience any severe side effects while taking a right Phentermine dosage.

If your lower dosage works effectively for you to reduce appetite and add energy level and assist you to reduce weight, then it is considered to be a better thing. This implies that you were not building up a tolerance to the Phentermine weight loss medication and you need not required to take a higher dosage. And moreover, you will experience mild and manageable side effects while taking a lower dose. While doing a comparison, people those who begin off with the higher dose of 37.5mg often discover that they experience much more severe adverse reactions during a weight loss progression period.

For instance, adverse reactions like insomnia can negatively impact on the weight loss since sleep is important to assure that your body is glowing fat and managing a constant metabolism. Some patient would stop taking the weight loss medication due to the severe side effects. In case if you feel that you dose might be too powerful for your body, then you can get the consultation from a doctor and speak to them regarding that you are taking a lower dose for the first 7 days or two per day. Suppose if your lower dosage does not help you to manage your appetite and increase an energy level, then you can increase your dosage after consulting a healthcare professional.


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