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Dangers of using phentermine

Phentermine is a commonly used appetite suppressant and it is also referred to as a stimulant. The medication might possess the working procedure similar to that of amphetamines. The weight loss drug would affect the central nervous system. This medication would work the best and provide the effectiveness if you exercise and abide by the healthy diet.

There might be people who suffer from diabetes, blood pressure and high cholesterol levels and they can buy Phentermine online with prescription in order to lose weight. This can help the individuals to lower the risk of worsening of the diseases. The weight loss medication can trigger serious ill effects in the body if it is abused or consumed improperly.

Pulmonary hypertension

This is a lung disorder and it can affect a person rarely. But when you mix Phentermine along with other weight loss pills in the market like FenFluramine which bears the trade name Phen-Fen or Redux you are likely to get affected by pulmonary hypertension.

To be on a safer side, you have to consume Phentermine only with the drugs that are prescribed by the healthcare professional. You have to be very careful and be under the supervision of the medical specialist when you have prescribed this drug.

Side effects

When Phentermine is taken you can suffer from varied side effects ranging from mild to severe. Some of the ill effects are dry mouth, insomnia, diarrhea, dizziness, and constipation. The above mentioned are only the moderate ill effects that are triggered during the course of therapy.

If you suffer from severe reactions then it can be swelling, variation in the blood pressure, confusion, shortness of breath and chest pain. In this scenario, the affected individual has to check with the medical specialist immediately.

Consumption of alcohol along with Phentermine might also trigger so many ill effects in the body. Phentermine would interact with alcohol and cause these effects. So it is better to stay vigilant to the side effects that you are experiencing. We would tell you on the ways to handle moderate ill effects.

Dry mouth

This is the common side effect that a person would experience if he or she consumes Phentermine. The effect is caused in the body due to the lack of water. When you are in the diet you are supposed to ensure that you consume enough amount of water in a day. This is really important. A person would require three liters of water in a day. When you are doing workout and taking Phentermine there might be a need to take more water per day.

So the only solution to get rid of the side effect is to consume enough water. Always note on how many liters you are drinking so that you can cope up with your schedule.


Those people who are consuming Phentermine would experience constipation. During the course of therapy, it becomes a must for a person to limit the consumption of food. The people would take the food according to a diet. When you suffer from constipation it clearly means that you should include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. It is also a must that you are supposed to make it rich in fiber.

Check your diet and do not take any junk foods. When the necessary changes are made in the diet there are chances for you to get rid of constipation.


Some people would suffer from dizziness during the course of therapy. This might be due to lack of water level in the body or it might be due to the fact that you are consuming way too less amount of food in a day.

It is true that you are supposed to limit the consumption of food in a day. Only when you do that there are chances for you to get rid of fat. However, you still require taking a minimum of 2000 calories per day.

The nutrients are essential and only it would give you strength in your body. So, the lack of nutrients and strength in your body would make you experience dizziness. It is a must that you are not supposed to suffer from this ill effect. In case you fall after getting dizzy there are chances that you get hurt badly.

So check with the dietitian and plan the food in a day according to your needs. Take the required amount of food properly and you can see that the dizziness would subside eventually.

Phentermine in breath mints

There are also chances for Phentermine to be there in breath mints. The substance would contain similar attributes and due to this, it would act on the central nervous system. Weight loss drugs would contain stimulants and only then it is possible for you to suppress your appetite.

When the Phentermine medication is taken along with diet and exercise there are chances for you to lose weight effectively.

Mental issues

When Phentermine is taken it can cause mental difficulties and this is classified as a severe side effect. The medication when consumed can make you think in abnormal ways and you can see behavioral changes in your body. Irritation in the body is possible if you take Phentermine as it would cause confusion in your thoughts.

People can experience euphoria when taking the pills in higher dosage strength. When you suffer from these side effects then you are supposed to immediately talk with your healthcare professional. He or she might ask you to stop the consumption of Phentermine no matter you take it for weight loss or as a breath mint.

Cardiovascular issues with Phentermine

While you are consuming Phentermine there are chances for you to suffer from serious issues that are related to your heart. When the pills are taken it might increase your blood pressure and also increase the chance of heart attack or stroke. Hypertension can be experienced in a person at the extreme because of the symptoms of shortness of breath, anxiety disorder, seizures, and headache.

When Phentermine is taken it can cause pain in the cheat and due to that, you can experience palpitations. Even these kinds of ill effects might need immediate medical attention.

Gastric issues

Gastric issues are also triggered in a person if they take Phentermine. This comes under less severe side effects and it would not require any medical attention provided it does not become severe. You might experience nausea or vomiting during the consumption of phentermine and you can omit the side effects unless it becomes severe.

These ill effects that you experience would fade away without any need for medical attention. But if it does not lessen it is a must that you have to seek medical advice quickly.


This weight loss medication is a stimulant which means it might interpret with your sleep at night. Those who are consuming breath mint should avoid taking it at night. You are not supposed to consume it anywhere near to your bedtime. The body would react to the Phentermine in it and it would change your sleeping pattern.

Try not to exercise at night and keep these activities in the morning. If you exercise in the evening your body would be put into wakeful state thus it would be difficult for you to achieve good sleep.

Abuse of Phentermine

Phentermine is not a habit forming drug and that is why it is prescribed for a longer period of time. You are supposed to take the pills only to lose weight and not for any other reasons. Those who are instructed with this medication should only consume it.

Keep the tracks of the pills. Only a single pill of the stimulant is supposed to be taken in the period of 24 hours. Never take more than that and you should not offer your pills to others. Keep the tablets in a place which is not easily accessible to others.

There is a procedure on how the medication should be stopped. Halting the consumption of the tablets abruptly would cause you to suffer from withdrawal symptoms. This can happen especially if the person has taken the pills for a longer period of time. The drug dose is supposed to be decreased gradually and only after few days you are supposed to halt it. This can definitely avoid you from getting any reactions.

Depression and exhaustion can occur in many patients who took the pills for a very long period of time and have discontinued using it later.

There are people who abuse Phentermine because of the euphoric effect that it provides. When the pills are taken you can experience an increase in the energy. In this case, those who want to perform well in the gym can misuse it. Their idea is not to lose weight but to build up muscles and to do that they need to work out for several hours. For these, they definitely need energy which they get from Phentermine recreationally. Use the pills properly to stay safe.


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