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As the world penetrates into a newer era of technological advancements, we want the women to to be at the forefront. Therefore we have laid huge emphasis on the healthier side of the woman and how to achieve it. The information portal serves as a blueprint covering a range of health topics including wellness tips for women for women across all age groups. We aspire that our portal to be the stepping stone in shaping up their body and grooming them to a whole new competent being.

Our mission is to inspire women to lead a healthy and happy life by adopting best fitness practices and workouts. We connect women to a band of fitness experts at our site like doctors, nutrition advisers, yoga gurus, fitness geeks and other major health professionals who jointly constitute a team in configuring a program for a healthy living.We aspire to alter the lifestyle of women by providing them rich and useful information on our portal. We make sure that the content published on our portal is earnestly genuine and updated only when those sources are being verified by our panel of health experts. is a platform that tends to bridge the gap between women and fitness.We do not want to compromise on women’s health or to take a toll on their life, hence we have taken intense measures that these ladies receive only authentic and highly reliable information. Their health matters to us.

Our fitness tutorial is streamlined so as to make the women easily adapt to all the latest strategies and make them enjoy good health as always. Our regular content updating will be of great help to them. Our fitness services comprise of useful information on the right diet choices, fitness routines and certain drugs that assists in toning up their bodies. As people get older they also need to know the types of cellulite to steer away from the ailment of cellulite by following a proper regimen.

Fitness tips for shaping a woman’s body




Distinctive features of Woman’s Fitness Blueprint


“Size zero” is a phrase that has almost become synonymous with modern women, and has become their foremost cravings. The clothing industry is fueling this craze by launching an array of size zero products, and there is no dearth in the range of endorsements targeted against women for size zero. These days it is all about fitness, and one can witness women indulging in some hard workouts like the opposite sex. It is the dream and longing of every woman to stay fit and healthy. The rage amongst women for building a healthy body can be considered as a revolution that has sprung in their hearts. Failing to achieve a perfect body causes many women to get depressed and depend on anti-depressant medications to perform even normal daily tasks. The urge to stay fit and slim emerges out of different needs. For some, it might be due to their profession. Let’s say, for example, actors and models. They never wish to stay plump. There would be a set of women for whom fitness could have been the resultant goal of overcoming an underlying health issue, whereas for others, it could be an emotion goal, as in some wives would have promised their better-halves of transforming their body into a slim figure. It’s all good. The debatable question is all about women undergoing wrong fitness regimen to lose their body weight. Just a mere surfing in the online space would give you a glance of the various fitness programs for women. But how far are those recommended fitness programs effective? is committed to assisting every woman in chalking out a perfect fitness blueprint, by recommending the most effective fitness regimens that comprise of  easy weight loss tips for various body types.

Fitness programs for various body types

Pear shaped body

If you own a pear shaped body i.e. wider bottom and narrowed top, you are most likely to put weight in the lower bodies. Hence, fitness plan should focus on toning down the muscles in the lower regions of the body.

Recommended Workout plan

  • Warm Up exercise should be performed in mild to intense speed for up to five minutes. Upon which, maximum effort should be exerted on the body and speed of the exercise should be increased to up to 45 seconds.
  • Scissors Jump, Leg Raise, Pushup, Boat Curl, Knee raise and Triangle Lat raise.

Curve shaped body

If your body type is straight with very fewer curves, you can undergo the below workouts and can shape your waist.

Recommended Workout plan

Lift-off Lunge: By undergoing this exercise shoulders, thighs and butt portions can be toned downed to a great extent.

Leg Raise and Push Up: This exercise tones down the shoulder, chest, and triceps. Place both your hands on the floor (Facedown) and place both your legs on the ball and allow the ball to roll.

Hundred on the ball: Lie down on your back by keeping both arms on your side. Then place your calves on the fitness ball by bending your knees to 90 degrees. Women experiencing pain in their joints as a result of intense exercise regimen can undertake joint pain relief workout to control the pain symptoms.

Diet pills & Woman’s fitness

It is definitely hard for extremely fat women to undertake fitness programs, as their body type doesn’t is that flexible to perform workouts. What is the option available for obese women? Diet pills are the only option through which they can suppress their appetite and reduce weight. It is a scientifically proven fact that, obese or overweight women tend to consume high-fat food or consume food in the excess measure. So ideally, suppressing their hunger cravings would be the best choice for weight reduction so that they can tone down their bodies and stay healthy. Diet pills are in abundance in the online marketplace. The most effective of all diet pills is phentermine, which is considered to be the highly potent appetite suppressant capable of bringing change in all body types.

Body Shapes




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