Phentermine causes irregular periods in women

Well, this is an honest question. But the answer though could differ from one individual to another. Women’s fitness and health will vary from person and person and women who have higher immunity and strong metabolism do not necessarily undergo pain or irregular periods. However, those women who are weak or those who are easily exposed to the side effects of the drug can meet the challenges of facing irregular periods. Many women purchase Phentermine online safely in order to regulate their body weight and cut down excess calories in their body. As a result of which, there is a chance that women can come under the influence of encountering delayed or irregular periods. Let’s see how this happens on and what can be done to not disturb the monthly menses cycle.

The effects of Phentermine on menstrual cycle

phentermine cause irregular periodsPhentermine (Adipex) is being used by many people globally. It is an appetite suppressant pill that works to affect the central nervous system so that a person is able to control his/ her eating regimen. People buy Adipex online and consume it along with proper diet and doctor recommended exercises in order to treat obesity or overweight. People who have risk factors for health like, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes can also undergo Adipex treatment without any fear.

Phentermine (Adipex) does produce results in lowering body weight and burning calories yet leaves some side effects in the body when used by women. Irregular periods, though cannot be completely called as side effects of the drug phentermine can change a woman’s body in a great aspect. Adipex alters the chemicals in the body and changes the working process of hormones as a result of which women tend to suffer from any of the many irregular period lists. Below are the various factors in connection with irregular periods that women could experience upon taking phentermine

Various period changes women can experience due to taking Phentermine pills

  • A missed period or no menses for about forty days
  • Period overdue or late period, usually five or more days to normal cycle
  • Period coming early, usually five days or more to normal cycle
  • Period symptoms going severely like cramps, nausea, dizziness or premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • Heavy flows in periods
  • Lighter period flow
  • Prolonged periods
  • Period lasting only for a short while/ shorter periods
  • Intermittent periods
  • Spotting between periods
  • Oligomenorrhea also called infrequent menstruation where one gets only four to nine periods a year
  • Polymenorrhea also knew as frequent menstruation where one gets more than seventeen periods in a year

How does irregular periods happen and any way outs?

As Phentermine (Adipex) is a weight loss drug, one experiences tremendous loss in body weight. This weight loss can further affect one’s hormones that in turn could affect the monthly cycle. Users of Adipex, mostly women, experience a dramatic loss in body weight which causes a drop in the amount of estrogen in the body. This decline in the amount of estrogen further cause changes in the menstrual cycle of a woman.

The estrogen and its release are partially based on a number of fat cells in the body. Thus a woman happens to encounter irregular period or even a complete stop in the periods if taking phentermine diet-pills. Therefore, if one has to deal with this situation at ease, it would be wise to meet a reputed health care professional and discuss in regards to changes experienced in periods or if having irregular periods.

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