Workouts For Different Body Shapes Of Women

Apple or Rounded Body Shape

There are many types of women body shape and this is common body type seen among many women wherein the middle, chest, and abdomen are on the bulkier side. The arms and legs are smaller comparatively. Women with a bulky waist tend to store more fat in this area than in other parts of the body, necessitating fitness routines that can burn the accumulated fat and improve the body shape of women. Experts recommend intense cardio workouts like running, swimming, rowing, and cycling. This will increase the metabolism rate and burn the stored fat. To strengthen the core in the mid-section, try planking and resistance training.

Pear Triangle Shaped Women

Body Shaping WorkoutsThis is a classic body structure with the bottom being on the heavier side. The waist and upper body are smaller in comparison. Walking and cycling are good forms of exercise as they do not put extra pressure on the legs and joints. As the tendency is to gain more weight in the lower part of the body, squats and moderate weight presses can keep this part of the anatomy fit and strengthen the legs. Vary your workouts to include strength training exercises for your upper body as well.

The Curvy Hourglass

Under this category, both the upper body and lower body are heavy while the waist is smaller. This shape requires whole-body conditioning to get a toned and fit physique. Women with this body type tend to put on weight more easily, hence it is important to focus more on losing weight as doing intense cardio is likely to bulk up the muscles. For greater impact, do isolated exercises for each part of the body like leg curls and arm push-outs. Vary the routines with whole-body workouts on other days. Exercises that are best to stay away from to prevent adding bulk to muscles are jogging, kick-boxing, and aerobics.

The Ruler Or Straight Shape

The frame of the person tends to be on the lanky side without any curves for the straight body shape. Women with this body type do not put on weight easily. Fitness training can include exercises that are streamlined to add curves where desired. Weight training can help increase muscle mass in areas like the upper and lower body. Begin your workout with intense cardio to burn first and then move on to strength training for your muscles. If you find discomfort in any kind of training then discontinue the same.

Follow a fitness regime with a positive frame of mind to help you stay on the program for longer. Remember that the goal is to achieve your fittest best.

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