Weight loss medication for every women : Phentermine, Xenical, Meridia

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The womansfitnessblueprint.com is dedicated to all the women out there to help them adapt to the fitness regimes. We tend to change the lives of women who form the backbone of all major events in life towards a healthier way. Our portal concentrates on the several weight loss issues faced by women and the techniques that help in overseeing the issues smartly which includes medication information of Phentermine, Xenical, Meridia and other weight loss pills, tips for maintaining fitness of the body.

Diet pills for Woman’s fitness

It is definitely hard for extremely fat women to undertake fitness programs, as their body type doesn’t is that flexible to perform workouts. What is the option available for obese women? Diet pills are the only option through which they can suppress their appetite and reduce weight. It is a scientifically proven fact that, obese or overweight women tend to consume high-fat food or consume food in the excess measure. So ideally, suppressing their hunger cravings would be the best choice for weight reduction so that they can tone down their bodies and stay healthy. Diet pills are in abundance in the online marketplace.

The most effective of all diet pills is Phentermine, which is considered to be the highly potent appetite suppressant capable of bringing change in all body types. It is widely used by women who are overweight or obese. This pill is considered as most effective as it works very well in majority of women in all conditions without causing any major side effects. Most celebrities have been using this medicine to maintain their Zero size. It also helps in avoid regaining the lost weight. Now a day, many women are buying phentermine from online stores to get hold of this medication in short time.

Taking Xenical would also reduce the belly fat and extra fat muscles in thigh region. Many fitness trainers would recommend this pill for their trainees along with the proper exercise. It is widely available in many pharmacies where, people can buy Xenical only with the prescription to avoid the risk factors while using it.

Meridia is also an appetite suppressant, preferred to treat the obese problem which results as side effects of some other medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure. Before buying Meridia from any drugstores it is important to consult the doctors whether you can take this pill for reducing weight or not.

There are lots of other weight loss medications available in the medical markets which are prescribed according to the individuals’ health conditions. Read our blog to know more about these and other diet pills.

Fitness programs for various body types

Pear shaped body

pear shaped body

If you own a pear shaped body i.e. wider bottom and narrowed top, you are most likely to put weight in the lower bodies. Hence, fitness plan should focus on toning down the muscles in the lower regions of the body.

Recommended Workout plan

Warm Up exercise should be performed in mild to intense speed for up to five minutes. Upon which, maximum effort should be exerted on the body and speed of the exercise should be increased to up to 45 seconds.

Scissors Jump, Leg Raise, Pushup, Boat Curl, Knee raise and Triangle Lat raise.

Curve shaped body

curve shape

 If your body type is straight with very fewer curves, you can undergo the below workouts and can shape your waist.

Recommended Workout plan

Lift-off Lunge: By undergoing this exercise shoulders, thighs and butt portions can be toned downed to a great extent.

Leg Raise and Push Up: This exercise tones down the shoulder, chest, and triceps. Place both your hands on the floor (Facedown) and place both your legs on the ball and allow the ball to roll.

Hundred on the ball: Lie down on your back by keeping both arms on your side. Then place your calves on the fitness ball by bending your knees to 90 degrees. Women experiencing pain in their joints as a result of intense exercise regimen can undertake joint pain relief workout to control the pain symptoms.

Straight body shape

straight shape body

This is the most common body shape of most American women. This means that they have very balanced bust and hip section in the body. Sometimes it is called as ruler body shape identified as flat bottom rather than round shape.

People with this body shape tend to put weight on the mid-section and then thighs.

 Recommended work out plan:

Strength buildings: In order to get add beauty for the straight figures, this work out would change the body compositions and improves the shape of bottom without increasing weight on thighs.

Cardio burning: This work out is only for boost the stamina level when undergoing any heavy exercises.






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